I highly recommend Denise to represent sellers and buyers. I have used Denise to buy a property and sale of a property. She is an experienced and knowledgeable agent, and also has a lot of patience and persistence. Denise can and will exceed all your needs and expectations.

- Greg Cooper

I highly recommend Denise Reesha. Ms. Reesha helped me purchase a property. I am very happy with her work. In addition, she is extremely organized and reliable. Denise would be a tremendous help in your search for a property.

- Mariuxi Teal

Dear Denise,

It is long past time I should have written and expressed my thanks and my appreciation for the hard work you do on our behalf. You have rolled with the boat as we changed our search parameters, first looking for something for one kid and then another, each with their special needs and financial situations.

I think I have mentioned to you before that we have lots of friends and neighbors that sell real estate (doesn't everyone?) but we will continue tochooseyou, because as I said above you have always been there for us.

With much appreciation,

- James Meyer and Jayme Mekis-Meyer

I purchased condo and my realtor was Denise Reesha. How great a realtor she was! She was there for me 24 hours and 7 days. She never made excuses for her time. She cared about my time and was interested in finding my house first. I'm a single woman and It wasn't easy for me to get a loan for my condo but Denise has great connections with people who made my loan situation fast and easy.

I still really appreciate all her hard work for getting my condo which I enjoy a lot. You'll be so glad that Denise is your realtor. She will help you from listing to loan situation so you can get your dream house soon! I still believe I wouldn't have got my condo without my realtor Denise!

- Monique Kim

Denise Reesha was recommended to me by a friend.

I met Denise in Jan of 2013 when I started to look to purchase a home.The market was very competitive and it was really difficult to get a house especially in my price range, and with many investors ready to cash purchase. I don't even remember how many houses we checked and offers we placed. Denise was there for me at anytime, early mornings, daytime and late evenings, always ready to accommodate my very tight schedule.

Denise returned every single phone call, always showed up on time, she was even willing to take a cut on her part that belonged to her as a real estate agent, in order for me to get a deal!

Incredible professional, honest and above all, a great person that is super easy

to get along with! Besides the house I finally got, I got a friend too!

I would recommend Denise to everyone who wants a great real estate agent!!!

- Nenad Bijelic

Denise was exceptional, she was hands on from the beginning. She is knowledgeable and trustworthy.

Thanks to Denise I had a good experience selling my home. I recommend her to anyone who wants to buy or sell their home!

- Lupe Zuniga

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